Heroes of Dargov

from by Retfish



So here I lay, on the bottom of the river. The flow's been still for three months now. This horizontal view provides me new sights. With eyes burnt and wet I can only sigh: I never expected to find myself here again. I never expected you to see me like this.” I need to catch a breath, just focus on breathing. I keep telling this to my head. Panic and pain tie my tongue to my hands, I won’t be able use them for those horrible things. Even though you're lying at the bottom so close to me. I feel how you are not around. I would like to rip myself from the inside out as I realize what this is actually about: I’ve built myself a lie about you. I’ve built myself a lie about us. Is it me with you or you with me? What do we think we’re doing? Who the fuck do we think we are? I don’t think I know you anymore and I barely recognize myself. Is this just another last chance? Or are we drowned for good? Let’s get carried away by the stream, and if we must die, we'll do it together not separately.


from EP III, released September 1, 2016



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Retfish Kosice, Slovakia

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