Public Cemetery

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“I must confess that I’ve committed a crime. I’ve killed a person, I’ve taken a life. In my defense, I took care of the remains. I took a shovel and buried him deep in underground. I’ve taken my clothes off as they were covered by the dust. Except the coat I’ve changed them all. I’ve changed my shoes as well, the old ones were worn out. As a brand new person I took my first step out”. One man, a shovel, casket and gravel. What sad funeral scenery this seems to be. But there is no rain, no puddles, only sun, smiles. Then suddenly the bereaved scream something out. “No one will miss you, do you fucking hear me?" This strange ceremony we are witnesses of is actually a celebration of a rebirth. The king is dead - long live the king! The man you knew has died and all you've known has died with him. “So from now, if you talk to me, realize I am someone else, I will not consider anything we have ever passed through. Bear this in mind while you talk to me, While you compose those insults, while you're tearing my heart apart. Because… … what if I will turn my back? what if i won't raise a question? What if you won't have a chance to give me any explanations? Will this be the end of us? Or a brand new start for me? Will you be the dark age of my past? Will I be your future agony? I’m new! Fuck you!"


from EP III, released September 1, 2016



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Retfish Kosice, Slovakia

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